How It All Began:

Vlietstra Cleaning has had a passion for cleaning since 1923. In the beginning, almost one century ago, they started with cleaning chimneys and windows, and have now evolved into a specialised cleaning service working throughout the whole of the Netherlands. For some time now, we have been cleaning wind turbines for Vestas in the Netherlands.

After several years of sketching and testing, we have now created the perfect solution for cleaning wind turbine towers and we named it Magntrac! Our many years of cleaning wind turbines for Vestas showed us that the current cleaning process that is utilized could stand to be streamlined and made much more effective. With this realization, the idea of creating a robot to clean wind turbines was developed and eventually prototype testing began.

While optimizing the robot took quite some time, it has now been tested thoroughly, and we are excited to start production on a large scale. Through significant amounts of testing, the quality of the device has been proven excellent. Magntrac, as well as its parts, are of very high quality, making the machine truly durable.

The official launch of the Magntrac will take place in September 2014 at the WindEnergy Hamburg, which is the biggest event for wind energy in the world. It is there that we will showcase how Magntrac is the future of cleaning wind turbines.